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The Labour Movement December 14, 2013

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The labour movement continues to be at the forefront of social issues. In the Third World working people continue to fight for their lives against ruthless exploitation and dehumanizing authority, while in even in the most wealthy nations it is a struggle to keep the basic benefits that have been won through decades of struggle. Everywhere there is a pressure from governments, corporations and organized wealth to strip the working people of all but he basics and minimal return for a life of work. Here are some connections to build solidarity.

Labour Start – International

Labour Start – Canada

IUF – Uniting Food, Farm and Hotel Workers World-Wide

Vancouver Island IWW

United Farm Workers

Planning on att… June 30, 2012

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Planning on attending the Calgary Anarchist Book Fair, July 6, 7 will setting up a table with some lit.  Locally here projects are moving slowly ahead, ut at least there is some movement.  Our radio transmitter is starting to be assembled, still in contact with people about the anarchist eco-village project http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lardeauecovillage/

The big political issue in the Kootnays right now is the save the Jumbo Wild campaign.



Going Local May 8, 2012

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We just got back from the Saskatoon Anarchist Book Fair, a great little event in a great little city. Expanding our network, making new contacts, thinking of getting to the Edmonton Book Fair in Nov and the Victoria Book Fair n Sept might happen too. Now we are back, will have to stay local and work on our Spontaneous Autonomy Radio project, we now have the kit from Free Radio Berkley, but it looks like it will be still some work to assemble it.

Kootenay Discussions February 4, 2011

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This blog will focus on events and activities in the Kootenay area that enhance cooperative and mutual social organization.  This blog is an addendum to the http://kootan.org site.